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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

SPIDERPUSSY Tuesday April 1st fool....

Wow...the vapor trails of WMC '08 are lingering and tingling. No camera tonight but some pics might be up at . Just wanna thank Andrews aka Al B Rotten for hosting some of the sickest parties last week and tonight was no exception. SpiderPussy is one of the most consistent and fun underground dance parties of the early week. Shake your asses bitches! Tonight some of MIA's finest ladies were in the house, on the floor and on the decks. OMG Sick Set by VIDA. When Cuci Amador bursts to the dancefloor jumping and screaming you know something great is about to be happening, and it was.... Vida ran the gamut and kept em shaking. Afrobeta love... check it! Vida love MIA2NYC. I missed most of Jason Tyler's set but he left some of his cd's laying around which I'm enjoying right now, Model Tested Rockstar Approved... . A tall sexy brunette was wearing some amazing high patent leather wedge boots that matched my patington bear rain cap. I try to wear something black to SpiderPussy... Not goth, just SpiderPussyish. Saw a guy in a neat Cool Kids shirt... was in the design of a vintage Gucci logo. The cherry ontop of my tuesday night was the very lovely and elegant Theresa sharing with me her photo spread in the just released April issue of Key Biscayne Magazine, "Portrait of a Lady" page 48....Very Beautiful, Very Glamorous!

WMC Day 6

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WMC Day 5

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WMC Day 4

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WMC Day 3

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bitches Beware